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Cut and Paste

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Show paste options buttons - Displays or hides a Paste Options button that allows you to choose between formatting options when pasting content.
Use smart cut and paste - Removes extra spaces when you delete text, or adds spaces when you insert text from the Clipboard.


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When selecting, automatically select entire word - Automatically selects an entire word plus the space after the word when you select part of the word.
Drag and drop text editing - Moves or copies selected text when you drag it with the mouse. After you select text, rest the mouse over the selection until the mouse pointer changes to a left-pointing arrow, and then drag. If you clear this check box, PowerPoint extends the selection when you drag over text.
Auto keyboard switching - When the insertion point is placed into existing text, changes the keyboard language to the language of that text

Charts and Undo

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New charts take on PowerPoint font - Sets the font for inserted charts at 18-point Arial. To use the chart's fonts, clear this check box.
Maximum number of undos - This can be any value between 3 and 150. Enter the number of actions you want to be able to reverse at one time. For example, if you enter 10, you can click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar 10 times or click the arrow next to the Undo button and then select up to 10 actions to reverse.

Disable new features

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New animation effects - Animations new to PowerPoint 2002 do not look the same in earlier versions of PowerPoint. Disabling new animations prevents the problem of having an inconsistent look when presentations are shared with users of earlier versions of PowerPoint.
Multiple masters - Presentations created with multiple masters in PowerPoint 2002 can cause problems when opened in earlier versions of PowerPoint. Disabling multiple masters eliminates problems that could occur when presentations are shared with users of earlier versions of PowerPoint.
Password protection - Presentations that are password protected in PowerPoint 2002 cannot be opened in earlier versions of PowerPoint, which did not support password protection. Disabling password protection prevents problems caused by sharing presentations with users of earlier versions of PowerPoint.

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