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Printing Options

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Background printing - Prints presentations in the background, so that you can continue working in PowerPoint while you print.
Print TrueType fonts as graphics - Prints TrueType fonts as graphic images rather than downloading the TrueType fonts to your printer. This check box is unavailable if the active printer does not support the printing of TrueType fonts as graphics.
Print inserted objects as printer resolution - Prints objects at the printer's default resolution.

Default Printing Settings for this document

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Use the most recently used print settings - Prints the presentation using the same print settings as the last print job.
Use the following print settings - Prints the presentation using the print settings defined below.
Print what - Click the portion of the active presentation you want to print.
Color/Grayscale - Select a colour mode that is best for your presentation and printer. Greyscale is best for printing colour slides on a black and white printer. Pure Black and White changes most shades of grey to either black or white and is used for printing drafts or very readable speaker's notes and handouts. Select Colour to print a presentation in colour or print to a file and store colour information in the *.prn file. If you select Colour, but your printer is set to Black and White, print preview will show greyscale.
Scale to fit paper - Scales slides automatically to fit the page when printed. This option affects only slides that are larger or smaller than the paper you're printing on.
Frame slides - Prints a thin, solid-line border around each slide.
Print hidden slides - Includes hidden slides when you print this presentation.

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