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Allow fast saves - Speeds up saving by recording only the changes in a presentation. When you finish working in the presentation, clear the Allow fast saves check box so that you can save the complete presentation with a full save. A full save may decrease the file size of your presentation. This is a technique used a long time ago when PC's were a lot slower. The concept is that when a document is modified the original document is kept the same and any changes are tagged on to the end of the document. This no longer necessary.
Prompt for file properties - Opens the Properties dialog box (File menu) when you save a presentation for the first time, where you can enter presentation properties such as title, subject, author, keywords, and comments.
Save autorecover info every - Automatically makes a presentation recovery file at the interval you enter in the Minutes box (enter a number from 1 to 120). If your computer hangs (stops responding) or you lose power unexpectedly, PowerPoint opens the AutoRecover file the next time you start PowerPoint. The AutoRecover file may contain unsaved information that would otherwise be lost from your original presentation. If your original presentation was damaged, you may be able to recover information from the AutoRecover file. AutoRecover does not replace the Save command you must still save your presentation when you finish working on it.
Convert charts when saving as previous version - Automatically converts charts to a usable format when you save your presentation so that the chart can be opened in an earlier version of Microsoft PowerPoint.
Save PowerPoint files as - This allows you to save your files so they are compatible with earlier versions of PowerPoint. All versions since 97 though share the same file format. The option "PowerPoint 95 Presentation" will save your presentation file in the old file format, although this is not recommended as the file size is enormous. An alternative would be to use the latest file format and use PowerPoint Viewer to view the files. This is FREE to download from the Microsoft website. The option "PowerPoint 97-2003 & 95 Presentation" will save your file in both formats.
Default file location - This is the folder that PowerPoint automatically opens when you click Save or Open (File menu). Enter a new location to change the default file location.

Font Options

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Embed TrueType fonts - Stores the TrueType fonts used to create a presentation in the presentation file itself. When other users open the presentation, they will be able to view and print the fonts used to create it, even if those fonts aren't installed on their computer.
Embed characters in use only - For TrueType fonts in your presentation, embeds only the characters used in the presentation, which may decrease the file size.
Embed all characters - For TrueType fonts used in your presentation, embeds the entire set of characters. Users who don't have the True Type fonts used in your presentation installed on their computers will be able to edit the presentation.

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