Save presentations

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Save files in this format - Sets the default file format that is used when you save presentations. If your presentations are used in different versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, or in other programs, you can select the file format that you most frequently use. In this list box, click the file format that you want to use.
Save AutoRecover information every - Automatically creates a powerpoint recovery file at the interval that you enter in the minutes box. The interval must be a positive number from 1 to 120. If your computer stops responding, or if you lose power unexpectedly, the AutoRecover file opens the next time that you start PowerPoint. The AutoRecover file may contain unsaved information that would otherwise be lost from your original workbook. If your original workbook was damaged, you may be able to recover information from the AutoRecover file.
Default file location - Displays the default file location. In the text box, type the path that you want to use as the default file location. If you want to type a path to a network server location for the default file location, enter the path by using the UNC syntax: \\servername\foldername. You must restart Excel to apply the new default file location to a network server.

Autorecover exceptions for

AutoRecover exceptions for - Lets you specify the workbook for which you want to disable or enable AutoRecover. In the this list box, select the workbook that you want.
Disable AutoRecover for this workbook only -Disables the AutoRecover feature for the workbook that you select in the AutoRecover exceptions for list box.

Offline editing options for document management server files

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Save checked-out files to - Specifies the location where you want to save checked-out workbooks.
The server drafts location on this computer - Uses the server drafts location on this computer to save checked-out files.
The Office Document Cache - Uses the Web server to save checked-out files. This was called "The web server" in 2007.
Server drafts location - Displays the default server drafts location. In the text box, type the path that you want to use as the server drafts location, or click Browse to locate the server drafts location.

File merge options for shared document management files

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Show detailed merge changes when a merge occurs -

Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation

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Embed fonts in the file -
Embed only the characters used in the presentation (best for reducing file size) -
Embed all characters (best for editing by other people) -

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