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Check spelling as you type - Checks spelling automatically and marks errors as you type. When checked PowerPoint will check the spelling of every word as you type. Any words spelt incorrectly will be underlined with a wavy red line.
Hide all spelling errors - Hides the wavy red line under possible spelling errors in your presentation. If you clear this check box, PowerPoint marks possible spelling errors with wavy red lines that are visible on the screen but that do not print. To display a list of suggested spelling corrections, click the wavy line with the right mouse button.
Always suggest corrections - Automatically displays a list of suggested spellings for misspelled words during a spelling check. This check box does not affect background spelling checking.
Ignore words in uppercase - Ignores words in UPPERCASE letters during a spelling check.
Ignore words with numbers - Ignores words that contain numbers during a spelling check.


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Check style - Ensures that styles are consistently applied throughout your presentation, according to the style options you set. Automatically corrects spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors and identifies other style inconsistencies in the presentation. Click Style Options to set the style options you want Microsoft PowerPoint to check.
Style options - Set style options that ensure consistent use of punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and visual clarity of text, bulleted lists, and other items in your presentation.

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