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Startup task pane - Displays the startup dialog box everytime you open PowerPoint or when you create a new presentation. The task pane includes commands to help you create new presentations, running the AutoContent Wizard and open existing presentations. Removing the start-up task pane will give you more room on the screen.
Slide layout task pane when inserting new slides - Displays the Slide Layout task pane every time you insert a new slide. This lets you change the slide layout of the new slide.
Status bar - Displays the status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window, which shows information about the current state of the presentation and program.
Vertical ruler - Displays the vertical ruler whenever the horizontal ruler is in view. To display or hide the rulers, select (View > Ruler).
Windows in taskbar - Specifies whether each presentation that is open is displayed as a separate window on the task bar or whether one window contains all the presentations.

Slide Show

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Prompt to keep ink annotations when exiting - (Added in 2003). Displays a prompt asking you if you want to keep or discard your ink annotations.
Show menu on right mouse click - Displays the Popup menu during a slide show when you right-click.. In PowerPoint 97, 2000 and 2002 this used to be the "Popup menu on right mouse click".
Show popup toolbar - Displays the shortcut toolbar (or menu button in older versions) in the bottom-left corner of each slide during a slide show. In PowerPoint 97, 2000 and 2002 this used to be the "Show popup menu button".
End with black slide - Displays a black slide as the last slide of your slide show. Clear this check box if you want to return to PowerPoint after the last slide of your slide show.

Default View

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Open all documents using this view - Defines the starting view for the presentation. The default is to display the presentation in whatever view was active when the presentation was last saved.

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