Entering Text

When working in Outline view you can only enter test.
When you work in Outline view you have to select an entire slide
This can be done in a number of ways:
1) Click the Slide icon
2) Click the Slide number
3) Triple click anywhere in the slide's title

When you select an entire slide the slide title and the body text and highlighted
In addition any extra objects such as charts and pictures are also selected
You can select an edit an entire paragraph along with all its subordinate paragraphs.

Adding a new Slide

Once you have types in the slide title pressing Enter will create a new slide if you want to add bullet points to that slide you must demote the paragraph first.

Because the outline focuses on slide content rather than on layout, new slides receive the basic Bulleted List layout, which includes title text and body text formatted with bullets.
You can also use the shortcut key (Ctrl + M) to quickly insert a new slide.

SS - with a new blank slide

All new slides added using this method have the Title and Text Layout.

Adding a new Bullet Point

To add a new paragraph to a slide by using the outline that appears in the Outline pane. Move the cursor to the end of the paragraph and press Enter.
A new paragraph will be created at the same level as the preceding paragraph. If the slide only has a title then this will create a new slide.

If you position the cursor at the beginning of a paragraph and press Enter, the new paragraph is inserted to the left of the cursor position.

Place the cursor anywhere in a slide's body and press (Ctrl + Enter).

This method creates a new slide immediately following the current slide.
The position of the cursor within the existing slide doesn't matter; the new slide is always created after the current slide. (The cursor must be in the slide's body text, however in order for this method to work.

If you put the cursor in a slide title and press (Ctrl + Enter), the cursor jumps to the slide's body text without creating a new slide.

If you press Enter at the end of any slide in Outline view you can promote back to the Slide Title level where a new slide will be created.

Go to Outline view
- position the insertion point or select the text you want to replace
- type in your text
- if you want to make a list of points press Enter after each one to move onto a new line.


You cannot add any charts, pictures, clip art when in Outline view.

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