Moving Text

Each icon to the left of a slide in the Outline pane represents the actual slide and everything on it.
A quick way to rearrange to slides in your presentation is to drag the slide icons up or down
As you drag a slide a horizontal line appears showing you where it will be placed if you release the mouse.
You can also drag individual paragraphs up or down within a slide or from one slide to another
Just select the paragraph, position the mouse pointer over it so the cursor changes to a small box and drag it.

Drag the paragraphs with the mouse

Be careful when you are moving text in a slide that has more than one level of body text paragraphs.
Notice the position of the horizontal line as you drag the selection; the entire selection is inserted at that location, which may split up sub points.

You can easily move the paragraphs up and down using the corresponding buttons on the Outlining toolbar.

The Move Up and Move Down buttons can also be used, first select the text you want to move.

Moving a paragraph up

(Alt + Shift + Up Arrow) - moves the selected paragraph up

alt textMove Up - Moves a selected paragraph and its collapsed (temporarily hidden) subordinate text up, above the preceding displayed paragraph.

Moving a paragraph down

(Alt + Shift + Down Arrow) - moves the selected paragraph down

alt textMove Down - Moves a selected paragraph and its collapsed (temporarily hidden) subordinate text down, below the following displayed paragraph.

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