Selecting Text

Selecting individual Characters

Click and Drag
Drag the cursor across text and characters to select them.
When you drag across a few characters of a word, the entire word is automatically selected.
You can change this from (Tools > Options)(Edit tab, "When selecting, automatically select entire word").

Selecting a word

Double click

Shift and Click - place the insertion point at one end of the text and while holding down the Shift key select the other end with the left mouse button

Select a paragraph

To select a single point, single click on the bullet to the left of the point
triple clicking

The cursor changes to a 4 arrows

Double clicking in a paragraphs

Selecting the whole Slide

To select all the text on a slide select the slide icon to the left of the slide title.
Just click anywhere in the slide title and triple click

Selecting all text on all Slides

(Ctrl + A)

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