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Or if you select a group of continuous slides it will create a summary slide with their titles on it.
This can be very useful for creating contents pages and transition slides in long presentations.

The slide must use a layout that contains a Title placeholder for the Summary Slide feature to be available.

Creates a summary slide of your presentation based on titles of slides you select.
By adding hyperlinks to the titles you can convert a summary slide to an agenda slide. An agenda slide lets you jump around to different sections.

Creates a new slide from the titles of the slides you select in slide sorter or normal view.
The summary slide creates a bulleted list from the titles of the selected slides.
PowerPoint inserts the summary slide in front of the first selected slide.
This will automatically create a summary slide that shows the titles of some or all of the slides in your presentation ??

Go into slide sorter view to display all the slides
Select all the slides whose titles you want to appear on the summary slide.
press (Ctrl + "A") to select all the slides

Display the Outlining toolbar and press the Summary Slide button
A summary slide is created at the beginning of the presentation.
change the slide title.

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