Line Spacing

Line spacing refers to the space between the lines of a paragraph.
When you want to create more distance between lines of text or bullet points you do not need to insert carriage returns but just increase / alter the line spacing
Select the paragraphs (or textbox) and select (Format > Line Spacing).

All these measurements can be set in either lines or points
Lines - When you select lines the amount of spacing depends on the size of the font.
Points - This is a fixed amount regardless of the size of the text.

Above and Below

This adds extra space both above and below the paragraph.

Before Paragraph

This adds extra space before the paragraph.

After Paragraph

This adds extra space after the paragraph.

Increase / Decrease Paragraph Spacing

You can also increase the space between the selected paragraphs by using the Increase Paragraph Spacing on the formatting toolbar.
These button are not on the toolbar by default but can be added using the (Tools > Customise) dialog box


There are currently no shortcut keys for any of these options.
The Format Painter cannot be used to change the line spacing for paragraphs of text.
There is actually a "Increase Paragraph Spacing" and "Reduce Paragraph Spacing" buttons which can be added using the (Tools > Customise) dialog box.
Always have your text boundary box fitting the text it holds. Select the object. Format > Placeholder click the textbox tab click re-size AutoShape to fit text check mark OK.

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