There are several ways you can create a new presentation
1) Starting with a Blank Presentation.
2) Using a Design Template.
3) Using the AutoContent Wizard.
4) From an Existing Presentation.
5) From an Existing Template.

Starting with a Blank Presentation

Creating a presentation using a blank presentation means that there is no design template associated with your presentation.
The quickest way to insert a blank presentation is to use the New command on the Standard toolbar or press (Ctrl + N).

alt textNew - Creates a new, blank file based on the default template.

The blank presentation is very useful if you want to design your slides from scratch or create a new design template.
This can be useful if you just want to concentrate on the content rather than the design.
You can always add a design template later on once you have finished the presentation.
The colour schemes, fonts and other design features are set to the default values.
Alternatively you can use the Blank presentation hyperlink from the New Presentation task pane.

Using a Design Template

Select (File > New) to display the New Presentation task pane and click on the From Design Template hyperlink.
PowerPoint comes with a large number of professionally designed templates to choose from.
To create a presentation using a design template you must click the From Design Template hyperlink from the New Presentation task pane.

alt text

Using the AutoContent Wizard

Select (File > New) to display the New Presentation task pane and click on the AutoContent Wizard hyperlink.
If you need assistant writing the actual content.
You should use the AutoContent Wizard when you need some help with the actual content of a presentation.
This wizard will create sample content that can use and help with the organisation of your slides.
A design template will be selected automatically depending on the content you select.
It is very easy to change the design template after the wizard has finished.

alt text

For more information please refer to specific AutoContent Wizard late in this section.

From an Existing Presentation

Select (File > New) to display the New Presentation task pane and click on the "From existing" hyperlink.
In PowerPoint 2002 this hyperlink is called "Choose presentation".
This displays the "New from Existing Presentation" dialog box which can be used to select the presentation you want to use.

alt text

Once you have selected an existing presentation all the slides from this presentation are used to create a new presentation.

From an Existing Template


  • If you don't like the structured approach of the AutoContent Wizard you may prefer to use a blank presentation initially. The colours, patterns and designs can all be added later.

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