A hyperlink is just a bit of text or graphic that you can click when viewing a slide to perfrom an action, maybe display a different slide, different presentation, open a file or open a wwebsite on the internet.
A common use for a hyperlink is to create a table of contents containing links to all the individual slides.

Hyperlinks only work when the slide is being displayed as a slide show.

(Insert > Hyperlink) or (Ctrl + "K")

Existing File or Web Page - This means you can link to another file in another application or to a webpage on the internet.
Place in this document - This means you can link one part of presentation to another part.
Create new document -
Email Address - Use this to link to an email addess - opens the default email client ??

If you create a hyperlink using text, the text changes colour and is underlined.
You can change the colour of the hyperlinked text by changing your colour scheme "Accent and Hyperlink" colour.

If you use a graphic such as an Autoshape, WordArt, clip art, picture etc, these are not highlighted in any way to indicate that they are hyperlinks. Although the cursor will change to a hand.

Slide Shows on the Web

Create your PowerPoint slide show as normal. To make an HTML file. File > Save As HTML. After the files are saved, you can use your browser to view the files. Load Index.html.
You can start a slide show from the Desktop. Open Explorer. Locate the slide show data file. Right click and drag the file icon onto the desktop. Release and choose 'Create shortcut'. To run just right click and select show. To view your slide show. Slideshoe > View show.


Hyperlinks are not limited to slides in the current presentation

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