Package for CD

This replaces the Pack and Go wizard in PowerPoint 2002.
When you want to run a slide show on another computer you can use the Package for CD wizard.
This wizard packages together on a disk all the supporting files including any linked files.
self contained CD with all the necessary files.
Select (File > Package for CD).
When you use this wizard you have an option to run the slide show automatically from the CD.

Name the CD - Enter the name for the CD

Copy To Folder

If you are copying the presentation to a folder click the button to browse to the folder you want to save the presentation in.
You can also save the presentation to a file on your hard drive instead of to a CD.

Add Files

It is possible to add more than one file by holding down the Ctrl key.


Files linked to your presentation and the PowerPoint Viewer are included in the package by default.

PowerPoint Viewer -
Linked Files - Includes all the necessary linked files, such as videos etc.
Embedded True Fonts - Embeds all the true type fonts within the presentation to they will be available on another computer.
Password to open each file - Enter a password if the presentation contains sensitive information
Password to modify file - Enter a password if you want to prevent people from making changing.

Several Files


Insert the CD and double click the filename.ppt filename. This will open the presentation as a slide show.
PowerPoint Viewer is also available for FREE download from the Microsoft website.

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