Pack and Go Wizard 2002

The Pack and Go Wizard helps you in packing your entire presentation (including any linked files) to move it to another computer.
You can pack your presentation to a floppy disk, hard drive or directly to another computer on your network.
When you want to run a presentation on another computer, use the Pack and Go Wizard to put all the required files into one file and copy the file to a disk or network location.
You then unpackage the file onto the destination computer or network and run the presentation.
You can use the Pack and Go wizard when you want to give a slide show on another computer and have all your linked files and fonts available.
This wizard makes presentation very portable by allowing you to compress and save the presentation and all the linked multimedia files onto a disk.
You can display this wizard by selecting (File > Pack and Go).

Step 2 - Start

Step 2 - Pick Files to Pack

Step 3 - Choose Destination

Step 4 - Links

When you package your presentation, you can include any linked files in the package
Embedding fonts guarantees that the fonts will be available when you run the presentation on a different computer. (However, note that the wizard cannot include TrueType fonts that have built-in copyright restrictions.)

Linked Files - Includes all the necessary linked files, such as videos etc.
Embedded True Fonts - Embeds all the true type fonts within the presentation to they will be available on another computer.

Step 5 - Viewer

When you use the Pack and Go Wizard, you have the option of including the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer in the package.
Include the viewer if you will be running the presentation on a computer that doesn't have Microsoft PowerPoint installed.
The viewer enables you to run the presentation in PowerPoint format.
To package the viewer, you must first have it installed on your computer. You can install it by using a link from the Pack and Go Wizard, after which you can package it with your presentation.
If you just want to install the viewer, you can do so directly from the Microsoft Office Web site.

PowerPoint Viewer - Whether to include PowerPoint Viewer on the CD. You can then decide if you want the presentation to run automatically or if you want the user to choose the presentation to run.
Download the Viewer - This lets you unpack the viewer pptview.exe

Step 6 - Finish


The viewer is not available in the Pack and Go Wizard if you're packaging password-protected presentations; these cannot be run using the viewer.
If you make changes to your presentation after you package it, just run the Pack and Go Wizard again to repackage it. You can package multiple presentations at once.
PowerPoint Viewer is also available for FREE download from the Microsoft website.

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