Startup Switches

When you open PowerPoint a lot of the settings are read from the Windows Registry including details of any built-in add-ins that are currently installed.
There are a number of command line switches that can be used to affect the way that PowerPoint opens.
These switches can be added to the Properties of a shortcut that starts PowerPoint.

/cOpens PowerPoint without a new blank presentation
/sOpens PowerPoint in slide show view
/pPrints the file (to default printer)
/n templateOpens PowerPoint and creates a new presentation based on the given template

Using (Start > Run)

The easiest way to run Excel with additional switches is to use the Command Line.
All you need to do is select (Start > Run) and type the full folder path of the PowerPnt.exe file.
This folder path needs to be enclosed in parentheses with the corresponding startup switch added afterwards.

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