Task Panes 2002

This is new in PowerPoint 2002. The Task Pane is a rectangular window that appears docked on the right side of your PowerPoint window.
It acts as an open menu allowing you to select from a range of commands and functions.
It displays a list of links and commands allowing you to perform different tasks depending on what you are doing at the time.
The task pane is designed to help you complete tasks quickly and will change automatically according to the task in hand.

Displaying the Task Pane

The main advantage of the task pane is that it can be displayed at any time.
If the Task Pane is not displayed it can be displayed at any time by selecting (View > Task Pane).
If you want to close the task pane you can either select (View > Task Pane) again or click on the small black cross in the top right corner.
Using the arrow in the top right corner allows you to quickly move between the different panes.

New Presentation

When you initially open PowerPoint the New Presentation task pane will be displayed.
This pane provides different ways for you to get started by opening an existing presentation or creating a new one.
This task pane will be displayed by default every time you open PowerPoint.
If you do not want the Task Pane to be displayed when you initially open PowerPoint you can either remove the tick from the "Show at startup" checkbox at the bottom or select (Tools > Options)(View tab, Startup Task Pane).
You can choose to open a new or existing presentation , access your most recent work

 "> >

 Open a Presentation - Lists the four presentations that you have most recently worked on. If the presentation you want to work on is listed, just click to open the presentation.

 More presentations -

 Blank Presentation - This is the same as pressing the New button on the Standard toolbar.

 From Design Template - Choose one of the templates that comes with PowerPoint

 From AutoContent Wizard - starts the wizard to create a skeleton presentation for you

 Choose presentation -

 General Templates -

 Templates on my Web Sites -

 Templates on Microsoft.com -

 Add Network Place

 Microsoft PowerPoint Help - This is a shortcut to selecting (Help > Microsoft PowerPoint Help).

 Show at startup - This is a shortcut to the (Tools > Options)(View tab, Startup Task Pane) checkbox.



Contains a list of all the items you have recently cut, copied or pasted.

 "> >

 Paste All - Pastes each item from the clipboard into the current workbook from oldest to newest.

 Clear All - Removes all items from the Office clipboard. You cannot undo this action.


 Options drop-down

 Show Office Clipboard Automatically - Displays the office clipboard task pane automatically when you copy more than one item.

 Collect without showing Office Clipboard - Collects items on your clipboard without displaying the task pane.

 Show Office Clipboard icon on Taskbar - Displays a small icon in the bottom right corner of your task bar.

 Show status near Taskbar when Copying - Displays the status in the bottom right corner of the your task bar.


 In PowerPoint 2002 the clipboard can hold up to 24 items.

 In PowerPoint 2000 the clipboard can hold up to 12 items.

 In PowerPoint 97 there is no way to paste the same item multiple times.



Searches on your hard drive for files matching particular keywords. You can also search for files based on location and file type.

 "> >

 Search text -

 Search -

 Restore -

 Search Tips -

 Search in -

 Results should be -

 Search Options -

 Advanced Search -


Other Task Panes

These are all discussed in more detail in the relevant sections
Insert Clip Art - Allows you to search the clip art gallery using keywords and displaying the thumbnails.
Slide Layout - Displays thumbnails of all possible slide layouts which can be inserted.
Slide Design - Design Templates - Displays thumbnails of all the design templates currently available.
Slide Design - Color Schemes - Displays the various colour schemes based on the current slide design template.
Slide Design - Animation Schemes - Displays all of the animation effects for all the individual objects on the active slide.
Custom Animation - Allows you to set and preview the animation effects for each individual object on the active slide.
Slide Transition - Allows you to define the slide transition for each slide.
Revisions Pane - Allows you to view a unified list of every comment and change suggested for the presentation and the ability to accept and reject them individually or all at once.


The task pane replaces many old features as well as providing shortcuts to existing dialog boxes.
A quick way to display this task pane is to click on the text "Default Design" on the status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window.
The Task Pane will change automatically to the appropriate task as you work.
You can close the task pane at any time by clicking on the small black cross on the top right corner.

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