Changing Command Properties

Every toolbar command and menu item has its own set of properties.
These can be changed when the (View > Toolbar > Customise) dialog box is displayed
There are two ways you can change the properties of a command
1) Using the right mouse button to display the shortcut menu
2) Using the Modify Selection button on the Commands tab

Using the Right Mouse button

You can either right mouse click on the actual command

Using the Modify selection button

You can use the "Modify Selection" button on the

Command Properties

Reset - Changes the command (or button) back to its original default settings.
Delete - Removes the command completely from the toolbar or menu.
Name - If the command displays text then this is the text that will be displayed. The ampersand character (&) can be used to indicate the hot key you want to use. This only applies to menus. Hot keys are used in conjunction with the Alt key to open menus. Once a menu is open you can then use the hotkey for the corresponding command on the menu (without the Alt key).
Default Style - The command appears as its original default style
Text Only (Always) - The command appears just as text, no image will be displayed on a toolbar or on a menu.
Text Only (in Menus) - The command appears just as text on a menu but as an image when in a toolbar.
Image and Text - The command appears as text when on a menu and as text when on a toolbar
Begin a Group - This places a dividing line between the command and the one immediately above it or to its left.
Assign Hyperlink - This lets you open a hyperlink when the command is pressed.


Hot keys are less important now as most people prefer to use the mouse rather than the keyboard.

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