Formatting Toolbar

This toolbar contains drop-down boxes and buttons to allow you to format the objects on your slides

Font - Provides a list of all the available fonts (based on your current printer selection).
Font Size - Lets you adjust the character size (based on your current font selection).
Bold - Toggles bold on the current selection.
Italic - Toggles italics on the current selection.
Underline - Toggles underline on the current selection.
Shadow - Toggles a shadow from the currently selected text.
Align Left - Aligns data to the left edge of the cell.
Centre - Aligns data in the centre of the cell.
Align Right - Aligns data to the right edge of the cell.
Numbering - Adds numbers to or removes numbers from selected paragraphs.
Bullets - Adds bullets to or removes bullets from selected paragraphs.
Increase Font Size - Increases the font size of the selected text to the next larger size in the Font Size box.
Decrease Font Size - Decreases the font size of the selected text to the next smaller size in the Font Size box.
Decrease Indent - Decreases or removes the indent.
Increase Indent - Increases the indent.
Font Colour - Changes the colour of the text in the current selection.
Design - Displays the Slide Design task pane, where you can select design templates, colour schemes, and animation schemes.
New Slide - Inserts a new slide into the active presentation containing a tile and a text placeholder.

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