Insert Tab


New Slide -


Table - Drop-Down. The drop-down displays the commands: Insert Table, Draw Table and Excel Spreadsheet.


Picture - (Moved in 2010). Displays the "Insert Picture" dialog box.
Clip Art - (Moved in 2010). Displays the Clip Art Task Pane.
Screenshot - (Added in 2010).
Photo Album - (Moved in 2010). Button with Drop-Down. The button displays the "Photo Album" dialog box. The drop-down contains the commands: New Photo Album and Edit Photo Album.


Shapes - Drop-Down. Consolidated drop-down list of all the shapes including lines, rectangles, basic shapes, block arrows, equation shapes, flow charts, stars and banners and callouts.
Icons - (Added in 2016).
3D Models - (Added in 2016).
SmartArt - Displays the "SmartArt Graphic" dialog box which lets you choose from the following different types of smartart: list, process, cycle, hierarchy, relationship, matrix and pyramid.
Chart - Inserts a Microsoft Graph chart ??


Get Add-ins -
My Add-ins -


Zoom -
Link - Displays the "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box. (Previously called the Hyperlink)
Action - Lets you add an action to the currently selected object. Displays the "Action Settings" dialog box.


Comment -


Text Box - Inserts a textbox that can be positioned anywhere on the page.
Header & Footer - Displays the "Header and Footer" dialog box.
WordArt - Drop-Down. The drop-down gives you a choice of Word Art styles to insert.
Date & Time - Displays the "Header and Footer" dialog box (Slide tab).
Slide Number - Inserts the current slide number at the current position.
Object - Displays the "Insert Object" dialog box allowing you to insert embedded objects.


Equation - (Added in 2010).
Symbol - (Moved in 2010). Displays the "Symbol" dialog box.


This group was called Media Clips in 2007.

Video - (Movie in 2007). Button with Drop-Down.
Audio - (Sound in 2007). Button with Drop-Down. The button displays the "Insert Sound" dialog box.
Screen Recording -

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