Ctrl + Shift + F6Move to the previous presentation window ??
Alt + SDisplays an e-mail message containing the active presentation
Alt + KChecks the names in the To, Cc and Bcc lines against the Address Book
Alt + DDisplayed the Slide Show menu in 2003.
Alt + EDisplayed the Edit menu in 2003.
Alt + IDisplayed the Insert menu in 2003.
Alt + ODisplayed the Format menu in 2003
Alt + TDisplayed the Tools menu in 2003.
Alt + VDisplayed the View menu in 2003.
Alt + UDisplays the AutoShapes drop-down menu on the Drawing toolbar
Ctrl + Shift + BOpens the Outlook Address Book
Ctrl + Shift + CCopies the formatting attributes from the current selection to the clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + GGroup the currently selected objects / shapes
Ctrl + Shift + HUngroups the currently selected object / shape
Ctrl + Shift + PActivates the Font Size drop-down on the Formatting toolbar
Ctrl + Shift + VPastes the formatting attributes from the clipboard on to the selection.

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