Slide Show Tab

Start Slide Show

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From Beginning - Start the slide show from the first slide.
From Current Slide - Start the slide show from the active slide.
Broadcast Slide Show - (Removed in 2010).
Custom Slide Show - Drop-Down. The drop-down contains the commands: Custom Shows. Custom Shows displays the "Custom Shows" dialog box.


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Set Up Slide Show - Displays the "Set Up Show" dialog box.
Hide Slide - Hides the current slide from the slide show. Hidden slides are indicated in the top left corner.
Record Narration - (Removed in 2010).
Rehearse Timings - Launches a full screen slide show allowing you to rehearse the transitions.
Use Rehearsed Timing - (Removed in 2010)
Record Style Show -
Play Narrations -
Use Timings -
Show Media Controls -


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Resolutions - Displays a list of available resolutions.
Show On - (Show Presentation On in 2007).
Use Presenter View - Toggles the display of speaker view on a second monitor.

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