Standard Toolbar

This toolbar contains buttons to allow you to perform the basic operations such as opening and closing presentations, moving and printing data.

New - Creates a new, blank file based on the default template. (Ctrl + N).
Open - Displays the (File > Open) dialog box. (Ctrl + O).
Save - Saves the active presentation Displays the (File > Save As) dialog box the first time a presentation is saved. (Ctrl + S).
Permission - (Added in 2003)
E-mail - Emails the active presentation as an attachment.
Search - (Removed in 2003). Finds files, Web pages, and Outlook items based on the search criteria you enter.
Print - Prints the active presentation.
Print Preview - Displays the (File > Print Preview) dialog box.
Spelling - Displays the (Tools > Spelling) dialog box. (F7).
Research - (Added in 2003). Displays the Research Task Pane.
Cut - Cuts the current selection to the clipboard. (Ctrl + X).
Copy - Copies the current selection to the clipboard. (Ctrl + C).
Paste - Pastes the entry from the clipboard. (Ctrl + V).
Format Painter - Copies the format of the selected object or text to allow it to be pasted elsewhere.
Undo - Undoes the last action you performed. (Ctrl + Z).
Redo - Redoes the last action your performed. (Ctrl + Y).
Insert Chart - Creates a chart by inserting a Microsoft Graph object.
Insert Table - Inserts a table on to the current slide with the number of columns and rows you specify.
Tables and Borders - Toggles the display of the Tables and Borders toolbar.
Insert Hyperlink - Inserts a new hyperlink or edits the selected hyperlink. (Ctrl + K).
Expand All - Displays the titles and all the body text for each slide (Outline pane). (Ctrl + Shift + 9).
Show Formatting - Shows or hides character formatting (such as bold and italic) in normal view. In slide sorter view, switches between showing all text and graphics on each slide and displaying titles only.
Show/Hide Grid - Displays or hides gridlines you can use to align objects precisely. The grid displays on the screen only; it does not print. (Shift + F9).
Colour/Greyscale - Displays the presentation either in colour, greyscale or just blank and white.
Zoom - Adjusts the size that the presentation appears on the screen.
Microsoft PowerPoint Help - Displays the (Help > Microsoft PowerPoint Help) dialog box. (F1).

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