Handout Master

In addition to creating and editing notes in notes view, you can now add speaker notes meaning you can work on your notes and slide content at the same time. The notes page will only print out when specifically requested.
Just like the Slide Master the Handout master contains formatting information that is automatically applied to your presentation

Displaying the Handout Master

(View > Master > Handout Master)
or hold down Shift and select the Slide Sorter View button

This shows the arrangement of handouts for slides printed two, three, four, six or nine per page plus the arrangement for printing outlines.
You can switch between these different handout layouts by clicking the buttons on the floating Handout Master toolbar

Handout Master Toolbar

Editing the Handout Master

Unfortunately you cannot move, resize or delete the slide and outline placeholders that appear in the Handout Master
You can however add or change elements that you want to appear on each handout page
such as name, phone no, page number etc.

To close select (View > Normal)

To add a speaker note click to Normal view, click in the notes frame (under the slide) and type your notes. Click any grey area when finished

Right click the slide, choose Meeting Minder

Things to Remember

Handout Master elements are invisible until they are actually printed so you should print at least one to check the layout.
When you print handout pages the slides will be formatted according to the Slide Master.

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