Step 1 - How to change the Slide Layout ?

You will want to change the slide layout when you want to supplement your text content with a chart, table, clipart, diagram, picture or media clip.
You can change the slide layout of a slide by using the Slide Layout task pane.

Step 2 - Displaying the Slide Layout Task Pane

It is possible to change the layout of a slide without changing the entire slide.
Select the slide you want to change
Select (Format > Slide Layout) to display the Slide Layout task pane.
This will allow you to select a different slide layout
To apply a new slide layout to the selected slide(s) just click on the corresponding slide layout thumbnail.
Alternatively you can use the drop-down arrow and select "Apply to Selected Slides".


The new layout will be applied to the current slide without affecting the slides content.

Step 3 - Changing a Single Slide


Step 4 - Changing Multiple Slides


Step 5 - Changing the Layout

Title and Text to Title and 2 Column Text


Once you have changed the slide layout you can close the slide layout task pane.

Step 6 - Things to Remember

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