Action Buttons

These are special Autoshapes that appear as buttons on your slides.
These can be used by the user to perform an action during a slide show.
When you create a button you assign a shape.
You can have interactive presentations through the use of 3D buttons.
Action buttons provide a quick point and click method of jumping between slides, files and interney addresses.
Action Buttons allow you to insert buttons onto your slides
You can attach sound and movies to action buttons.

Possible Shapes

SS - possible buttons table

The action can be any of the following:
Activate a hyperlink -
Run a program -
Run a macro -
Play a sound -

Choose Slideshow > Action Buttons, select the Return button, use the mouse to draw the button. The action settings dialog box appears letting you hyperlink to somewhere else in the presentation.
To add a name to a button right click the button and choose Add Text

A well planned arrangement of action buttons throughout your presentation can make it easy for anyone to view the presentation in any order they want.

Action buttons can be found in the AutoShapes list on the Drawing toolbar.
They can be added to any slide and they become activated when running your slide show.

(Autoshapes > Action Buttons)
Action Button toolbar will appear.
If you use Actions buttons a lot you can make the Actions Buttons submenu a floating menu if you want
You can drag the buttons to change their depth and size.
Move by selecting and dragging

Slide Show Features

During a slide show you can click the right mouse mutton and have a new set to tools displayed
Slide Navigator lets you move to slides out of sequence as well as find and move to hidden slides.
When you write or draw on a slide during a slide show you can change the mouse pointer to a pen.
Right click and select Pen or (Ctrl + P) to turn the pen on.
Right click and select Arrow or (Ctrl + A) to return to the mouse pointer.
You have a choice of pen colours
(Pointer Options > Ink Colour) and then select the colour.

Navigational Toolbar

It is possible to create a navigation toolbar that appears on all your slides.
(View > Master > Slide Master)


If you have different slide orientations within one presentation, create two separate files (one for each orientation) and insert hyperlinks between the two files if necessary.

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