An initial message

"It will start soon .." Open a blank slide, use the text tool and insert your message and format it appropriately.
Create another slide with a similar message and change the font or colour slightly.
In order to make the message appear to blink, choose view > slide sorter right click the first slide, choose slide transition.
Select Automatically after and enter 1. Repeat with the second slide, choose View > Slide show , select use slide timings and loop continuously until ESC.

Scrolling text box

Add a text box and add your text pressing Enter after each line. Select the text box and hold down Alt down, move the text box off the slide.
Right click custom animation click effects tab, expand the list and select "Locate crawl from bottom".
Check the list box labelled introduce text, select "All at once" click timings and select "Animate and Automatically"

Countdown Clock

Use a clock in one of the Screen Bean pictures and insert into the slide.
Ungroup the picture and delete the screen bean picture leaving the clock.
Ungroup the clock and deleted one of the hands
Place the numbers 1 to 10 evening around the clock
Copy this clock onto several slides so when the slides run it looks like a clock.
Change the clock after 60 minutes

Screen Show View Automatically

If you double click a presentation icon, PowerPoint will open the presentation for editing.
It would obviously look more professional if you launched your presentation straight into slide show.
Save your presentation as (.pps) which is PowerPoint Show.
You can achieve the same thing by just renaming the ppt file to pps as the formats are identical

Alternatively you can right click on the ppt icon and select Show.

Slide Show Rehearsal Mini Window

If you hold down Ctrl when you start the Slide Show the slide show is displayed in a small window rather than taking up the whole screen.
This lets you easily switch back to the main window make the change and then resume the slide show

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