Using the (Edit > Find) dialog box

You can find values that match specific criteria by using the (Edit > Find) dialog box.
This lets you find any words, text or character string in your slides.

alt text

PowerPoint will search for the text in your placeholders on every slide of the active presentation.
To start the search press "Find Next". The corresponding slide and text will be highlighted.
This button can be used again to find another occurrence.
You can also display this dialog box using the shortcut key (Ctrl + F).
You can even include two wildcard characters in your searches if you do not know the exact value or spelling.
asterisk (*) - Denotes any number of missing characters.
question mark (?) - Denotes a single missing character.


You don't have to be at the beginning of your presentation to search the entire presentation. When it reaches the last slide it automatically starts at the beginning until it gets back to the slide it started from.
To edit the text you found, click the text object. The Find dialog box remains on-screen. To continue searching click the Find Next button again.
A confirmation message box will be displayed when the whole presentation has been searched.
Pressing Escape will quickly close the Find or Replace dialog box.

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