Formatting Slides

It is possible to make formatting changes to individual slides within a presentation
(Format > Background)
Background fill drop-down list

These changes will not affect any other slides unless you press Apply to All.

To override the style of text specified by the Slide Master or Title Master simply format the text accordingly as you work in Normal view.
The formatting changes are only made to the selected text and the Master slides are not affected.

If you change the text formatting on a slide and then decide you want to revert back to the slide master default formatting select (Format > Slide Layout) to display the Slide Layout task pane.
Press the right mouse button and choose Reapply layout.

Reapplying a Slide Master

Display the slide you want to reapply the slide master to
(Format > Slide Layout) select Reapply.

A background item can be removed from an individual slide by first making that slide active
(Format > Background)
Very that the checkbox "Omit Background Graphics from Master" is unchecked and select "Apply".

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