Inserting Slides

There are several ways you can insert a new slide into a presentation:
1) Selecting (Insert > New Slide).
2) Using the New Slide button on the standard toolbar
3) Using the Slides shortcut menu.
4) Using the Slide Sorter shortcut menu.
5) Using Outline view.
6) Use the shortcut key (Ctrl + M).
New slides are always added after the currently displayed slide.

Selecting (Insert > New Slide)

alt text

The new slide will be automatically formatted to contain a slide title and a text box
The task pane will then automatically change to the "Slide Layouts" pane letting you choose which layout you want to use.

Using the New Slide button

alt textNew Slide - Inserts a new slide into the active presentation containing a tile and a text placeholder.

Using the Slides shortcut menu

You can also use the shortcut menu which is displayed when you actually click on an actual slide.

alt text

Using the Slide Sorter shortcut menu

alt text

Using Outline view

This is discussed in detail in the Outlines section.

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