Navigating Slides

There are several ways to move between your slides.
1) Using the Mouse
1) Using the Arrow Keys
2) Using the Scroll Bars with your mouse.

5) Using various shortcut keys

Using the Mouse

click the thumbnail of the slide in the left hand window

Using the Arrow Keys

Slides pane
Slide Sorter view
This will move 1 slide at a time.

Using the Scroll bars

in any of the panes and views

The most common way to move around in PowerPoint is to use the Page Up and Page Down buttons to move to the previous and next slides respectively.
You can also use the vertical scrollbar to navigate through your presentations.

Double headed arrow - You can move forward or backward through your presentation one slide at a time by clicking the double headed arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar.
Single headed arrow - You can also scroll forward and backward through your presentation by clicking and holding the single headed arrow at the top or bottom of the scroll bar.
Scroll Box - Another way to move quickly from slide to slide is to click the scroll box within the vertical scroll bar on the right. You can drag this up or down with the mouse. As you drag the scroll bar a tooltip will appear telling you the current slide number that will be displayed if you release.

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