Paste Options Smart Tag

Check your Options

The Paste Options smart tag will not appear unless you have chosen to display the Paste Options button.
Check your (Tools > Options)(Edit tab, Show Paste Options buttons).

alt text

This smart tag gives you greater control and flexibility for choosing the right format for your pasted items.
The button will appear just below the pasted item, such as text, tables, charts etc

Pasting Text

Insert a new Title and Text slide and enter the folllowing two bullet points.
The first line of text should have the default formatting.
The second line of text needs to be formatted in bold and italics.
Highlight the first line of text and copy and paste it below the second line.

alt text

Pasting Excel Table

Create a simple table in Excel and copy and paste it on to a slide.

alt text

If you have the automatic layouts for inserted objects option switched on the smart tag will look as follows:
The smart tag that is displayed is actually a combination of both smart tags.

alt text

Pasting a Slide

If you copy a slide from a different presentation which has a different design template.
This smart tag will only appear in the slides tab of the left hand pane.

alt text

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