Sorting Slides

Slide Sorter View

Normal View is the view that you normally work in to edit your slides
Normal view will only display a single slide at a time.

The easiest way to change a slide's position within a presentation is to use the Slide Sorter view
The slides are shown in numerical order and you can select and drag individual (or groups) of slides to different positions.

alt text

If you want to see the overall view of your presentation you should need to switch to Slide Sorter view.

SS button bottom left
(View > Slide Sorter).

SS - 6 slides in slide sorter view

You can adjust the zoom to make the slides larger or smaller.


The Summary slide is useful for creating hyperlinks to different sections of an online presentation.
Transitions, Text Animations and Hiding Slides can be specified in any view using the Slide Soreter menu

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