Slides from Different Presentations

It is quite common to want to insert slides from other presentations
(Insert > Slides From File)
Displays the "Slide Finder" dialog box
click the browse to find the presentation and then Display to display the slides in this presentation.
click on the slide and select either insert or insert all

find the presentation
select the slides you want to insert
choose "Close" to dismiss the slide finder
Any slides added will pick up the design template in the current presentation.

Summary Slides

Creates a summary slide of your presentation based on titles of slides you select. By adding hyperlinks to the titles you can convert a summary slide to an agenda slide. An agenda slide lets you jump around to different sections.

Slide Libraries

Create and use slide libraries
You can create slide libraries to save and organise your favourite slides (is this sharepoint)
(Office > Publish) (Publish Slides)
Locate the slide library folder and click Publish

To add a slide (Home > New Slide)(Reuse slides at the bottom)

Summary slides have been removed

Slide sizes can now accommodate wide-screen (16:9 and 16:10)

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