Deleting Data

There are several ways you can remove rows and columns from a table:
1) Using the (Table > Delete Columns) menu.
2) Using the (Table > Delete Rows) menu.
3) Using the Table shortcut menu.

Using the (Table > Delete Rows) menu

alt text

Using the (Table > Delete Columns) menu

alt text

Removing rows and columns from a table will change the overall size of the table.
You can delete a cells content by highlighting the cells and pressing Delete
You can use any of the Delete commands on multiple rows and columns at a time.
Simple select more than one cell (row or column) before selecting the Delete command.
PowerPoint will delete the number that are currently selected.

Using the Table Shortcut menu

Using the shortcut menu

alt text


Using the Delete key will delete the data within the selection and will not delete the cells.
Deleting rows and columns will change the overall size of the table.

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