Step 1 - Deleting Data

There are several ways you can remove rows and columns from a table:
1) Using the (Table > Delete Columns) menu.
2) Using the (Table > Delete Rows) menu.
3) Using the Table shortcut menu.

Step 2 - Using the (Table > Delete Rows) menu

Step 3 - Using the (Table > Delete Columns) menu

Removing rows and columns from a table will change the overall size of the table.
You can delete a cells content by highlighting the cells and pressing Delete
You can use any of the Delete commands on multiple rows and columns at a time.
Simple select more than one cell (row or column) before selecting the Delete command.
PowerPoint will delete the number that are currently selected.

Step 4 - Using the Table Shortcut menu

Using the shortcut menu

Step 5 - Things to Remember

  • Using the Delete key will delete the data within the selection and will not delete the cells.

  • Deleting rows and columns will change the overall size of the table.

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