Inserting Word Tables

If you have already created a table in Word you can easily import it into PowerPoint.

There are a number of ways you can create a table in PowerPoint.
You can link your Excel worksheets and Word documents by using the paste special although I would not recommend that you have many of these.
You can either create it in PowerPoint itself or you can add a table from another application as a linked object or as an embedded object.
Linked Object - This means the table has been created in another application, maybe Word. There is a connection between the two files and the destination file can be updated when the original file is updated.
Embedded Object - This means the table has been created in another application, maybe Excel. Once embedded the object becomes part of the destination file and no longer has a link to the original file. Any changes made are only reflected in the destination file.
When you are working on an embedded table, the menus and buttons of the source program appear, integrated with the PowerPoint menus. Information about how to modify tables is available from the Help menu of the source program on your menu bar.

Creating an embedded Word table.
(Insert > Object)
To create a new table choose create new and choose the type of object in the list
select "Create New" and select "Microsoft Word Document"
Use the commands on the table menu to create your table
to import an existing table choose create from file and type the filename or browse to the file location.

when you have finished click outside the table to return to PowerPoint.

When you work on a Microsoft Word table the Word toolbars and menus will appear automatically

Word allows for more graphics formatting within its tables, including bullet lists, numbering and individual cell formatting.
When you embed a Word table into a PowerPoint presentation you will need to double click it to open it
The toolbars and drop-down menus will change automatically when the table is active allowing to you to edit it.

You can also copy to clipboard and select (Edit > Paste Special) - Microsoft Word Object.

Do not drag a corner of the table once it has been inserted as this will resize the table.


We do not recommend embedding your Word tables as this will increase the size of the file dramatically.

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