Dragging the selection handles on a tables outer frame allows you to resize it.
All the rows and columns will maintain their spacing proportional to one another as you resize.
Dragging any one of the handles will resize the whole table.
They will only be displayed when the table is selected.

You must first select the table.
Click on the border to highlight the table.
A shaded border will appear and eight small circles will appear. These are the resizing handles.
You can hold your mouse over any one of the circles either at the corners or on the edges and the mouse cursor will change to a resizing arrow.

alt text

Drag the table boundary to the new size and release when the correct size.

alt text

To reposition click anywhere on the border and drag with the mouse or use one of the arrow keys to nudge the table object.
Row heights will not be reduced to a height that is smaller than what is needed to display the text.
Row heights will be automatically increased when the column width is reduced so the text can wrap in the cell.
It is possible to reduce column widths so they are too small to display any of the text.


Moving tables is exactly the same as moving any other object.

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