Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers provide a convenient way to place repeating text at the top or bottom of each slide, handout or notes page
You can edit the text that appears in the header and footer placeholder directly.
First display the appropriate master, Slide, Title, Handouts or Notes
Then click the placeholder and start typing

You may notice that the placeholder hold special codes for options that you indicated in the Header and Footer dialog box.
For example the date placeholder may contain <date,time>
You can type text before or after these codes but don't change the actual codes.

alt text

you can select the Fixed radio button and then type any text that you want in the Fixed text box.
The text that you type will appear in the Date area of the Slide or Title Master.
To display a footer on each slide check the Footer check box and type the text

You can also enter a fixed date if you know you are going to give a presentation on a particular day in the future.

You can add the time, date, slide number plus any other information that you want to appear on every slide or page.

The Slide Master and Title Master include three placeholder for such information:
The date area can be used to display the date and time
The number area can be used to display the slide number
The footer area can be used to display any text that you want to appear on every slide.

In addition the Handout and Notes Masters include a fourth placeholder, the header area which provides an additional area for text that you want to appear on every slide.

adding slide numbers
(View > Header and Footer) Slide tab, check slide numbers

PowerPoint can automatically number your slides and add the date and time when the slides are printed or used in a slide show

click "Apply to All"

You can easily change the position or the text attributes of the slide number, date, time or footer.

To display the date, check the Date and Time check box
Then select the date format that you want to use beneath the Update Automatically option button.

Slide Master

Title Master

Handout Master

SS dialog - varies slightly ??
subtle differences

Notes Master

SS dialog


Although the date, number and footer normally appear at the bottom they can be moved.
If you want to add slide numbers, the date or time or any other standard text at the top of the bottom of your slides, speaker notes or handouts, you should use a Header and Footer.
It is possible to just add your header and footer to just the selected slides.
Headers and Footers for Notes and Handouts are displayed on all the pages.

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