Presentation Notes

Slide 1

Select (File > New), Select "from design template"
Pick a template from the task pane.

Slide 2

These are what are called design templates and the basically contain formatting in the form of slide masters and colour schemes.
Close this presentation.
Select (File > New), select "from AutoContent Wizard".
Follow the steps.
This is an example of a presentation template and this is identical to a design template but it contains example slides as well.
These buil-in templates are stored in 2 different locations.
It is possible to save additional templates into these directories and if so they will appear included in the slide design templates and autocontent wizard respectively.
Close this presentation.
Lets return to a design template.

Slide 3

Slide 4

You can display the master slides at any time by selecting (View > Slide Master)
Notice that this particular presentation has both a slide master and a title master.
Lets add an oval to our slide master
Drawing toolbar, basic shapes, oval
Place this shape anywhere on the slide
Close the slide master.
Notice how this shape automatically appears on all the slides.
Lets insert another slide.
Notice that the oval is included.
Lets assume that we have finished our presentation but we are not happy with the design.
We can easily change the design by applying a new design template.
Select (Format > slide design)
Pick a new slide design
Notice that everything on the slides changes including the colour of the oval.
The slide master controls which objects appear on the slides and also where they appear.
Lets display the slide master again.
Drag the title and text boxes to the right.
Close the master
Notice that the position has changed on all the slides.

Slide 5

The slide master also controls the formatting.
Lets go back to the slide master again.
Click in the textbox
At the top on the ruler are the tabs and indents that define all 5 levels of indentation.
Lets change the position of these.
The top mark indicates the position of the bullet.
The bottom mark indicates the position of the text.
You can change the font and fornt size by selecting (Format > Font)
You can change the bullet character by selecting (Format > Bullets and Numbering)
Once we are happy with our changes we can close the slide master and view our changes.
The title master works in exactly the same way but controls the title slide in a presentation.


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