You can edit the slide master to change the appearance of all the slides in your presentation at once.
This makes the master slide the current slide making it very easy to make changes.
Any changes you make to the Slide Master will be reflected on all the slides in the presentation

alt text

work on the slide master as you would a normal slide.

Master Layout Dialog

This dialog box allows you to restore any placeholders that you might have deleted.
You can display Master Layout dialog box at any time the slide master is displayed by selecting (Format > Master Layout)
This can be displayed at any time by pressing the Master Layout button on the Slide Master View toolbar

alt textMaster Layout - Displays the Master Layout dialog box.

When this dialog box is displayed the only checkboxes that are enabled are for items that have been deleted.

alt text

Changing the AutoLayouts

You can type all you want in the title and body placeholders but this text is only provided so that you can see the effect of the formatting changes.
Lets you easily change the layout of your slides
You can see the slide title and body test in addition to other background objects
To remove an object from the Slide Master just select it and press Delete
To remove a textbox you must first select the actual object by selecting the outside frame and then pressing Delete.
If you cannot select a particular object you may have returned to Normal view

Formatting the AutoLayouts

The body paragraph contains five outlines levels formatted with different point sizes, indentations and bullets
Highlight each line and format accorsingly
SS - with a paragraph highlighted

Changing the Date, Footer and Number Areas

Note that the slide master includes placeholders for three objects that appear at the bottom of each slide Date Area, Footer Area and Number Area.
These are used when you choose (View > Header and Footer)

Formatting the Background

It is possible to format the slide background without using an additional graphics.
You can use any of the standard fill effects such as gradient, pattern, picture and texture.
Select (Format > Background)

alt text

Adding Background Graphics

Mose of the built-in design templates include some sort of background graphic.
You can also add additional Autoshapes.
You can use the slide master to:
You can easily add an existing graphic to a slide master by selecting (Insert > Picture > From File).
This slide can also contain background colours as well as bullet styles.
In addition individual slides can still be formatting manually, have their background changed etc
1) Display a company logo or text on every slide
2) Format the styles of the titles and text to use on every slide
It is possible to omit the template style from the 1st page but to have it appear on all the other slides
(Format > Background) - Omit background graphics from master check box ??
creating a background image - pg 73


If you want to make changes to an individual slide just display that specific slide and make any relevant changes
You can add any objects to the Slide Master including clipart, pictures, video and sounds clips.
Every presentation has a slide master that controls the overall appearance layout of the slide.

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