Slide Master

This tab appears before the Home tab

Edit Master

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Insert Slide Master - Add a new side master to the presentation.
Insert Layout - Add a custom slide layout underneath the slide master.
Delete - Remove this slide layout from the presentation.
Rename - Displays the "Rename" dialog allowing you to give the slide layout a different name.
Preserve - Preserve the selected slide master so it remains with the presentation even if it is not used.

Master Layout

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Master Layout - Displays the "Master Layout" dialog box letting you choose what elements are displayed on the slide master.
Insert Placeholder - Button with Drop-Down. The button inserts a text content box onto the active slide. The drop-down contains the commands: Content, Text, Picture, Chart, Table, SmartArt, Media and Online Image.
Title - Show or hide the title placeholder on this slide.
Footers - Show or hide the footer placeholders on this slide.

Edit Theme

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Themes - Drop-Down. Displays the theme gallery and the commands: Browse for Themes and Save Current Theme. Every theme has a unique set of colors, fonts and effects.


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Colors - Drop-Down. Select different colour palette to change all the colours used in the presentation.
Fonts - Drop-Down. For this to work all the text must be formatted with either "Body" of "Heading" fonts.
Effects - Drop-Down. same as Design tab
Background Style - Drop-Down. Choose the background style for this theme.
Hide Background Graphic - Hide any graphics on the slide that are part of the background theme.


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Slide Size - Drop-Down. This drop-down contains the commands: Standard, Widescreen and Custom Slide Size. Landscape or Portrait.


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Close Master View - Closes this tab and lets you go back to editing your slides.

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