Title Master

PowerPoint has a separate layout master for the Title slide of a presentation
This allows you to have title slides that have a different layout from all the other slides in a presentation.
This is typically used to control the formatting of the first slide in a presentation.
A presentation does not have to include a title master.

Does the Presentation contain a Title Master ?

There is a very quick to check if a presentation has a title master.
Select (View > Master > Slide Master) to display the Slide Master view.
The screenshot below indicates that the active presentation does not contain a Title Master.

alt text

Adding a Title Master

If a title master does not already exist in your presentation then you can easily add one.
To insert a title master you must have the slide master displayed.
To display the slide master for the active presentation select (View > Master > Slide Master).
To insert a title master select (Insert > New Title Master).

Displaying the Title Master

In Slide Master View a slide thumbnail of the Title Master appears beneath the Slide Master.
Select the Title master to display the Title Master

alt text

It contains a similar layout to the Slide Layout except that the Object Area for AutoLayouts is replaced with "Subtitle Area for AutoLayouts".

To exit the Title Master either select the Close Master View button on the Master Slide View toolbar or select (View > Normal).

Closing the Title Master

Any changes you make will be automatically applied to all the slides
When you have finished making your changes there are a number of ways to close the Title Master and return to the actual presentation:
1) Selecting Close Master View on the Master Slide View toolbar.
2) Select (View > Normal)
3) Select the normal slide in the bottom left corner


If you want to add or ammend an element on the Title slide change the Title Master, not the individual slide.

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