Removing Slide Masters

PowerPoint is known to delete a slide master from a presentation if it is no longer used
If you create a new slide master and then apply it to all the slides PowerPoint will assume you no longer want the old one and will remove it.
This can be prevented by using the Preserve Master button
Any new slides masters that you create automatically get the Preserve Master option so they will not be deleted
The default slide and title masters do not have this option set by default so you may want to change it.
To preserve a master switch to the master view and click the Preserve Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar
A little pin icon will appear to indicate that the master will be preserved.
This button is a toggle and pressing this button for a master which already has the Preserve Master option will remove the option and the master could be deleted.

Displaying Slide Master View

It is possible to make changed to a template without displaying the presentation in Slide Master view.

  • Colour scheme

  • Slide Design ?

  • Slide Transition

  • Animation Scheme

  • Background colour/graphic

Adding a Watermark

(Insert > Picture > Clipart) double click the picture to insert
The floating Picture toolbar will appear
select the Image Control button on the picture toolbar and select Watermark

Design Templates Task Pane

What determines of a template appears in this task pane.
not only in the design templates folder must be another way
No template in this folder - yet it still appears.

Using Macros

A macro stored in a template (*.pot) is available to any presentation that is currently open.
Create your macro in a regular presentation
The template needs to be saved in the \Templates folders which the (File > Save As) dialog box should default to.
If you use this template to create new presentations then the presentation will automatically include all the macros saved within the template

If you want to transfer all the slides (and any macros) from a one presentation to another go to slide sorter view, select all the slides and copy and paste them between your presentations.

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