VBA Code

Title Masters

Presentation.HasTitleMaster = msoTriState.msoTrue 

You can use the AddTitleMaster method to add a title master to a presentation.


The SlideMaster object sets the defaults for each slides layout and appearance.
The slide master stores the default coloyrs and fonts, standard items as well as objects that should appear on any slide perhaps the company logo in the corner.

The SlideMaster object is referenced by the presentations SlideMaster property

You can set backgrounds individually on each slide
You can change the background property

Presentation.SlideMaster.Background.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(12,12,12) 
Presentation.SlideMaster.Background.Fill.BackColor.RGB = RGB(12,12,12)

The background proeprty stores a shaperange object.


Presentation.SlideMaster.Background.Fill.PresetGradient(msoGradientDiagonalDown, 2, msoGradientFog) 
Presentation.SlideMaster.Background.Fill.OneColorGradient(msoGradientDiagonalDown, 2, msoGradientFog)
Presentation.SlideMaster.Background.Fill.TwoColorGradient(msoGradientHorizontal, 1)

Slide Numbers

Determine the current slide in Slide View


This generates an error when a Master Slide is active

Determine the current slide in Slide Show view


Difference between SlideIndex and SlideNumber

The SlideIndex property returns the actual position of the slide within the presentation.
The SlideNumber property returns the slide number that can automatically appear on a slide. This property depends on the "Number Slide from" option on the Page Se

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