Adding Text

To add text to a title of a slide click in the box that says "click to add title"
These can be positioned anywhere on the slide.
Just type in the text you want.
Do not press Enter at the end of the line, unless you want to add another line of text below it.
If the text is too long for the line, then the text will be wrapped automatically to the next line

using Placeholders
they are just prompts for text

Type in the text and press enter after every bullet.

To insert a new textbox select (Insert > Text Box) or use the button the Drawing toolbar
The cursor will change to a cross letting you click where you want the new textbox and drag the mouse diagonally to create it.

Type the text immediately. If the textbox is left blank and then de-selected the textbox will be deleted automatically.

You can also advance to the next line of the same bullet by pressing (Shift + Enter).

You can easily remove the textbox after the text has been added by selecting it and deleting it
For more details please refer to the Objects section.


You can also insert soft returns by pressing (Ctrl + Enter)
AutoFit was added in PowerPoint 2000. PowerPoint will automatically resize the text to fit the textbox.

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