Always have your text boundary box fitting the text it holds. Select the object. Format > Placeholder click the textbox tab click re-size AutoShape to fit text check mark OK.

You can add text to PowerPoint shapes as you draw the shapes or after the shape has been created.
Select the Rectangle shape and draw a rectangle on a slide.
While the rectangle is still selected you can just start typing.

To add text to an existing shape select the shape and type the text.

Text Formatting
Text formatting has more options, all caps, small caps, strikethrough, double underline etc

Character spacing
Different underline styles and colours
Make all characters in a line equal height

These contain design information
You can create your own, save them, reuse them
Colors - similar to the old color schemes
top three theme colours
next three tints of theme colours
- next 2 shades of theme colours
fixed colours

Fonts - one of the title and one for the slide text - apply one font for headings another for text
Effects -

Can be easily shared with Excel and Word

Colour Schemes

Customise status bar options by right clicking anywhere on the status bar

Send for Review has been removed
Instead just email it and add your comments

Visibility and Selection Task Pane
New task pane to help you set the visibility and display order of your objects.
Also lets you easily rename objects

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