Reviewing a Presentation

PowerPoint does not include the Track Changes or document sharing capability that both Excel and Word have.
It does however contain the "Send to Mail Recipient (for Review)" option just like Excel and Word.
This will open your default email program and automatically attach the active presentation.

Mail Recipient (for Review)

Sending your presentation for review will allow other people to add their comments and make changes.
Before sending a presentation for review, you need to either include any linked files in your e-mail or embed the linked files in the actual presentation.

Sent for Review Prompt

When you try and open a presentation that has been sent for review you will be prompted with the following message.
The folder location that is displayed is the folder location where the original presentation was saved before it was sent for review.
This message box is really for the benefit of the original person who sent the presentation for review.

Making your Changes

Selecting No on this message box will allow the users to view and edit the presentation accordingly.
Once the presentation has been reviewed (and edited) it can be sent back to the original user.

Viewing the Changes

The only way to see what changes have been made is by merging the returned presentation with your original.
Open your original presentation and select (Tools > Compare and Merge Presentations).
This will display the "Choose Files to Merge with Current Presentation" dialog box allowing you to browse and select the returned presentation.
Your original presentation will be opened and a comment icon will be displayed where any changes have been made.
The Revisions Task Pane will also be displayed giving you more details on what was changed.

Things to Remember

If you want to edit the message before sending the reviewed presentation back to the author, then, on the Reviewing toolbar, click Reply with Changes.

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