Video & Audio

It is possible to bring multimedia into your presentations by incorporating sound and video in your presentations

There are several pieces of music provided with Microsoft Office that you might want to use (usually at the beginning or end of a presentation)
You can also include something from your own CDs.

(Insert > Movies and Sounds)

(Insert > Movies and Sound > Sounds from File).
(Insert > Movies and Sound > Sounds from Gallery).

You must save your movies and sound clips with the presentation though otherwise they will not work.
It is recommended to create a specific folder that contains the presentation plus any media clips etc.

To add some background sound to your slides, choose Insert > Movies and Sounds > Play CD track Audio track.
When you insert the CD sound object a dialog box appears allowing you to set the playing conditions.
To add sound to an object, select the object right-click and select CD sound > Custom Animation.
Click on the Timings tab and select Animate radio button.


(General tab, Provide feedback with sound to screen elements - Adds sounds to certain actions or events throughout PowerPoint and Office.
(General tab, Link sound with file size greater than) - Creates a link to sounds whose file size is greater than the size you enter in the box.

You can add video clips to your presentations in the same way you can add sound

Normally a sound inserted on a slide will play until you move to the next slide, but you can get round this
Select (Insert > Movies and Sounds)
click Sound From Gallery, Play CD Audio Track or Record Sound.
Insert the sound you want to include
With the Sound selected, select (Slide Show > Custom Animation)
click the MultiMedia settings tab and make sure the object is selected.
Select "Play using animation order" and select "Continue Slide Show"
This tells PowerPoint not to stop playing the sound when you move to the next slide.
Under Stop Playing click After and enter the number of slides you want the sound to play for.

This only works for sound brought in via (Insert > Movies and Sounds). If you use Media Player it may not work.

Some media formats are not fully compatible on Macintosh computers.

It is possible to play movies in full screen view while your slide show is in progress.
To view a Movie clip, right click the movie and select "Edit Movie Object" on the shortcut menu.
Check "Zoom to Full Screen"

To add video select (Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from file)
To add video select (Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from gallery) - inserts an animation from Microsoft gallery
select the video file and press OK

PowerPoint 2003 supports additional file types such as ASX, WMX, M3U, WVX, WAX and WMA

You must have Windows Media Player installed on your PC.

To add a media item to a slide show select (Slide Show > Custom Animation)
Click the Multi Media tab

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