Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

A Priori Probability
A+ Language
Aaron's Law
A-B Split
A-B Trust
Abandon - Option*
Abandon Rate
Abelian Function
Ability To Pay
ABS (Asset Backed Security)
ABS Market
Abscissa Values
Absolute Convergence
Absolute Differential Calculus
Absolute Frequency
Absolute Geometry
Absolute Growth Concepts
Absolute Interest
Absolute Percentage Growth
Absolute Prepayment Rate
Absolute Rate
Absolute Rate Change
Absolute Return
Absolute Return Strategy
Absolute Risk*
Absolute Value
Absorbed Cost
Absorption Rate
Abstract Algebra
Abstract Analytic Number Theory
Abstract Differential Geometry
Abstract Harmonic Analysis
Abstract Homotopy Theory
ABX Subprime Index
Accelerated Dividend
Acceleration Covenant
Accelerative Endowment
Acceptance Houses
Acceptance Market
Acceptance Sampling
Acceptance Testing
Accepting Risk
Accounting - Accruals
Accounting - Book Value
Accounting - Fair Value
Accounting - Hedge
Accounting - Mark to Market
Accounting Error
Accounting Profit
Accounting Ratio
Accounting Software
Accounting Standards
Accounting Standards Committee (ASC)
Accounting Theory
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Accreted Value
Accreting Loan
Accreting Principal Swap
Accreting Swap*
ACCRINT - Excel Function
ACCRINTM - Excel Function
Accrual Accounting
Accrual Bond
Accrual Factor
Accrual Method
Accrual of Interest
Accrual Pricing
Accrual Rate
Accrual Securities
Accrual Swap*
Accruals Accounting
Accrued Dividend
Accrued Income
Accrued Interest
Accrued Interest - ACCRINT Function
Accrued Interest - ACCRINTM Function
Accrued Interest - Bonds
Accrued Interest - Floating Rate Note
Accruing Curve
Accumulated Value
Accumulation Bond
Accumulation Option
ACH (Automated Clearing House)
Acid-Test Ratio
Acquisition - Corporate Action
Acquisition Financing
ACT / 360
ACT / 365
ACT / 365L
ACT Conventions
Active Funds
Active Income
Active Index Fund
Active Investing
Active Passive Management
Active Portfolio Manager
Active Return
Active Trading
Active Tranche
Actual / 360 Day Count
Actual / 365 Day Count
Actual / Actual Day Count
Actual Cash Value
Actual Settlement Date
Actual Total Loss
Adaptive Market Hypothesis
Add-ins - Bloomberg
Add-ins - Capital IQ
Add-ins - Datastream
Add-ins - DealMaven
Add-ins - DLX
Add-ins - Eikon
Add-ins - FactSet
Add-ins - FormList
Add-ins - Haver
Add-ins - Hoadley
Add-ins - Macabacus
Add-ins - Macrobond
Add-ins - Metrixus
Add-ins - MI Office
Add-ins - Modano
Add-ins - Morningstar
Add-ins - QuantLib
Add-ins - QuantQraft
Add-ins - Refinitiv
Add-ins - S&P Capital IQ
Add-ins - Simtools
Add-ins - SMF
Add-ins - Thomson Reuters
Add-ins - WIND
Add-ins - XLTrader
Addition - Maths
Addition Rule
Addition Rule For Probabilities
Additive Combinatorics
Additive Inverse
Additive Number Theory
ADE (Alternating Direction Explicit)
ADI (Alternating Direction Implicit)
Adiabatic Curve
Adjustable Peg
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Securities
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
Adjusted Approach - Cash Flow
Adjusted Approach - Discount Factor
Adjusted EBITDA
Adjusted Present Value (APV)
Adjustment Bond
ADR (American Depository Receipt)
ADS (American Depository Share)
Advance Dividend
Advance Payment Guarantees
AER (Annual Equivalent Rate)
Affine Curve Weighting
Affine Differential Geometry
Affine Geometry of Curves
Affine Term Structure Models
Affordability Index
Agency Bonds
Agency Broker
Agency Debentures
Agency MBS Purchase
Agency Mortgage Backed Securities
Agency Mortgage Strips
Agency Swap Program
Agent Bank
AGM (Annual General Meeting)
Ahlfors Theory
AIM (Alternative Investment Market)
Algebraic Analysis
Algebraic Combinatorics
Algebraic Computation
Algebraic Division
Algebraic Equations
Algebraic Fractions
Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Graph Theory
Algebraic K-Theory
Algebraic Number Theory
Algebraic Statistics
Algebraic Topology
Algorithmic Number Theory
Algorithmic Trading
All In Spread Levels
All Or Nothing Option
Allocated Account
All-Ordinaries Stock Index
ALM (Asset Liability Management)
Almost Surely
Alpha Return
Alpine Bonds
Alternating Direction Explicit (ADE)
Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI)
Alternating Series
Alternative Beta
Alternative Hypothesis
Alternative Investment Market - AIM
Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
Alternative Minimum Tax
Alternative Trading System (ATS)
American Bankers Association - ABA
American Callable Bond
American Depository Receipt (ADR)
American Depository Share (ADS)
American Municipal Bond
American Options
American Options - Bjerksund and Stensland
American Options - Blacks Approximation
American Options - Early Exercise
American Options - Optimal Stopping
American Options - Pricing
American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
American Stock Exchange (ASE)
American Style Options
AMEX (American Stock Exchange)
AMORDEGRC - Excel Function
AMORLINC - Excel Function
Amortisation - Additive
Amortisation - Mortgage Style
Amortisation - Multiples
Amortisation - Straight Line
Amortisation Schedule
Amortised Cost
Amortising Instruments
Amortising Loans
Amortising Swap*
Amortising Swaps
Amortising Transaction
Amortizable Bond Premium
Amortized Bond
Amortized Loan
AMPS (Auction Market Preferred Stock)
Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX)
Anabelian Geometry
Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA)
Analysis ToolPak - ANOVA
Analysis ToolPak - Correlation
Analysis ToolPak - Covariance
Analysis ToolPak - Descriptive Statistics
Analysis ToolPak - Excel
Analysis ToolPak - Exponential Smoothing
Analysis ToolPak - Fourier Analysis
Analysis ToolPak - F-Test
Analysis ToolPak - Histogram
Analysis ToolPak - Moving Average
Analysis ToolPak - Random Numbers
Analysis ToolPak - Rank and Percentile
Analysis ToolPak - Regression
Analysis ToolPak - Sampling
Analysis ToolPak - T-Test
Analysis ToolPak - Z-Test
Analytic Combinatorics
Analytic Geometry
Analytic Number Theory
Analytics - Descriptive
Analytics - Predictive
Analytics - Prescriptive
Analytics - Qualitative
Analytics - Quantitative
Annual Equivalent Rate (AER)
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Annual Pay Bond
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
Annual Premium Equivalent (APE)
Annual Rate
Annual Report Annual Turnover
Annual Yield
Annualised Volatility
Annualized Total Return
Annuities - Due
Annuities - Ordinary
Annuities - Perpetual
Annuities and Geometric Progression
Annuity - Inflation Protected
Annuity - Ordinary
Annuity - Perpetual
Annuity Appraised Value
Annuity Bonds
Annuity Certain
Annuity Due
Anomalous Number
Anti-Dilution Classes
Antithetic Variables
Antithetic Variates
APAC (Asia Pacific)
Applied Mathematics
Appraisal Ratio
Approximation Theory
Approximations - Yield To Maturity
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
APT (Arbitrage Pricing Theory)
APV (Adjusted Present Value)
APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
Arakelov Geometry
Arakelov Theory
Arbitrage - Cash and Carry
Arbitrage - Covered Interest
Arbitrage - Forward Rate Agreements
Arbitrage - Money Markets
Arbitrage - Round Tripping
Arbitrage Free Models
Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)
Arc Length
ArcTan Law
Area by Integrating
Area in Polar Coordinates
ARIMA Modelling
Arithmetic - Addition
Arithmetic - Division
Arithmetic - Multiplication
Arithmetic - Subtraction
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
Arithmetic Combinatorics
Arithmetic Dynamics
Arithmetic Geometry
Arithmetic Mean
Arithmetic Mean Arrears Swap
Arithmetic Progression
Arithmetic Rate of Return
Arithmetic Returns
Arithmetic Sequence
Arithmetic Series
Arithmetic Topology
Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry
ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgages)
ARO (Average Rate Option)
Around Par
ARR (Average Rate of Return)
Article 50
Article 65
Article 9
Articles Of Association
Articles Of Incorporation
Articles Of Organization
Articles Of Partnership
As You Like It Option
ASE (American Stock Exchange)
Asian Options
Asian Strike Barrier
Asiatic Options
Ask Price
Ask Rate
Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation Model
Asset Allocation Strategy
Asset Backed Bonds
Asset Backed Credit Default Swap (ABCDS)
Asset Backed Securities (ABS)
Asset Class
Asset Classes
Asset Classes - Asset Backed Securities
Asset Classes - Bonds
Asset Classes - Cash
Asset Classes - Commodities
Asset Classes - Credit
Asset Classes - Debt
Asset Classes - Emerging Market
Asset Classes - Equity
Asset Classes - Fixed Income
Asset Classes - Foreign Exchange
Asset Classes - FX
Asset Classes - Interest Rates
Asset Classes - Macro
Asset Classes - Money
Asset Classes - Structured
Asset Correlations
Asset Covered Security
Asset Currency
Asset Impairements
Asset Linked Swaps
Asset Management
Asset Manager
Asset Or Nothing Call Option
Asset Or Nothing Option
Asset Or Nothing Put Option
Asset Price Distribution
Asset Pricing
Asset Pricing - Single Index Model
Asset Pricing Model
Asset Protection
Asset Securitisation
Asset Sensitive
Asset Servicing
Asset Stripping
Asset Structure Ratios
Asset Swap Spread
Asset Swaps
Asset Swaps - EUREX
Asset Valuation
Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP)
Asset-Based Lending
Asset-Or-Nothing Call Option
Asset-Or-Nothing Put Option
Assets Under Management (AUM)
Association for Financial Markets Europe
Association for Payment Clearing Services
Assurance Corporation
Asymptotic Analysis
Asymptotic Combinatorics
Asymptotic Geometric Analysis
Asymptotic Theory
As-You-Like-It Option
At The Money (ATM)
At The Money Curve (ATM Curve)
At The Money Options
At The Money Swap Rate
Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX)
ATM (At The Money)
ATM Curve (At The Money Curve)
ATM Forward
ATM Volatility
ATS (Alternative Trading System)
ATS (Austrian Schilling)
Attachment/Detachment Level
Attest Function
Attribution Model
Auction House
Auction Issues
Auction Market Preferred Stock (AMPS)
Auction Rate Bond (ARB)
Auction Yields
AUD (Australian Dollar)
AUD/USD (Australian Dollar/U.S. Dollar)
Augmented Dicky-Fuller Test
Auslander-Reiten Theory
Austerity Measures
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
Authorized Stock
Auto Loans
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Automated Forex Trading
Automated Pit Trading
Automatic Execution
Average - Arithmetic
Average - Geometric
Average - Harmonic
Average - Median
Average - Midrange
Average - Mode
Average - Weighted
Average Life Mortgages
Average Price Call Option
Average Price Option
Average Price Put Option
Average Rate Cap
Average Rate Floor
Average Rate of Change
Average Rate of Return
Average Rate Option (ARO)
Average Risk Option
Average Strike Options
Axiomatic Geometry
Axiomatic Homology Theory
Axiomatic Set Theory
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