A grain is a small hard fruit or seed produced by a cereal grass
These are traded on the CBOT

US is the largest producer ?
Is the worlds largest crop
Is the most actively traded grain contract
Mainly for domestic consumption
used in ethanol production

Is the worlds second largest crop
US and Canada are the largest producers
Used for food
Used in ethanol production
This has the highest volume of future contracts

Is the world third largest crop
Typically grown in countries with high rainfall and low labour costs (eg South East Asia)

Canada and Argentina and largest producers
There are two categories (milling quality for human consumption or feed oats)


Also called the "miracle crop" as it has a lot of uses
Used in cooking oil, bio-diesel, shampoo, detergent
US largest producer

Short for Canadian Oil Low Acid
Canada is the largest producer
Used in mayonnaise, creamers, cosmetics, herbicides, suntan oil and health foods

Palm Oil
is a vegetable oil used in chocolate, icecream, soap
Also used as an agent in the leather and silver industries
Produced in Malaysia and Indonesia


Finished weight ready to be slaughtered
The customer is the meat producer who sells the meat
Hides are used for leather production

Lean Hogs
Generally takes 6 months to raise a pig from birth to slaughter
This is basically the pork industry
Divided into 3 stages (the production of pigs, feeding the pigs and slaughter and fabrication)

Pork Bellies
Raw material for bacon


These are all the other commodities that are grown (ie not mined)

One of the leading cash crops of china
China largest producer
US second largest producer

The cocoa tree is a tropical plant grown in hot, humid environments like West Africa and Brazil
The leading consumers are US, UK, France and Germany

Grown in half the worlds countries
75% is consumed in that country
Leading producers are India, Brazil, Cuba

Orange Juice
Oranges are second to apples
Leading producers US and Brazil
Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ)
Traded on ICE

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